To achieve long-lasting peace we must think above ourselves

On 13th February 2019, Chairman Global Peace Confederation, Mr. Shaikh Mehmood was invited by Radio Pakistan as a keynote speaker on the occasion of World Radio Day covering the subject of global peace and stability. Where He said that in order

for the collective benefit of humanity. He denounced the capitalist policies of the present world order by stating that this system only makes a rich richer and poor poorer. He further added that if we could provide half of the world’s non-privileged population with their basic needs of food, shelter, and education then almost 70 percent of the international conflicts will naturally move towards resolution. But, that can only be attained when the capitalist approach towards the accumulation of wealth shall be abolished and that wealth may trickle down to common masses with equity - instead of remaining the property of a certain group of individuals. He also added that in order to avoid further wars, the ammunition industry around the world should be brought under strict regulations and that powerful countries must respect the sovereignty of weaker states – and if one violates the right of other’s sovereignty then it becomes an obligatory duty of other influential countries to intervene and protect the weak.

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