GPS’ highly respected collection of international luminaries

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

by Tom Ufert (USA)

NOTU2016 U.S. Presidential Candidate

Amazon Best Selling and Award Winning Author

Public Speaker, Radio Host, Columnist, and Community Affairs Advocate

The GPS’ highly respected collection of international luminaries to guide and address the world’s young people is without question a mark of distinction. Attendees to the Summit will greatly benefit from these educators, speakers, writers, and experts in international relations as they pursue their lifelong quest to make the world a better place. Certainly their local communities, home countries, and humanity as a whole will be uniquely better served because of this experience.

I strongly encourage young people across the globe to apply for acceptance to the GPS. In the 21st century the highly competitive global economy & constantly changing technological revolution are making the global village a smaller interconnected community. In today’s world when events half way around the globe can instantaneously transform economic and political institutions through electronic communications and there in all 7.125 billion people on earth, humanity’s very survival demands skilled problem solvers. The Global Peace Summit boldly prepares young attendees with adept crisis resolution skills—a resource our planet is sorely lacking today.

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