Global Peace Summit a conference that unites people

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

by Mirela Simmon (Romania)

MC Simon is an author, content writer, blogger, reviewer, project manager, and an engineer.

She believes in the boundless possibilities, which are our birth gifts. Therefore, from her point of view, any Bio in which MC is the main character must include this statement:

“I was, I am and I will always strongly affirm that if anyone can do any action on this planet, I can also do it; the only condition is to want this with all my heart.”

Millions of children and young people are affected by wars. They have to face violence, fear, danger, loss, death of their loved ones. Parents just can’t provide a secure environment for their kids. Parents were supposed to desire a better world for their children. The armed conflicts violate the children and young people’s rights. Their rights to be protected and supported to develop their full potential starts

NOW. They are the future, the fulfillment of our dreams. Hence, I can’t describe my excitement when I heard about the beautiful youths who are behind The Peace

Summit Conference, held in Karachi, Pakistan. My hopes have returned. Participating in a conference such as the Peace Summit Conference unites people.

Learning to respect differences of opinion, how to build consensus and negotiate, will nurture every sphere of your life. Mastering the craft of diplomacy is not easy. Entrusting yourself with such a powerful tool at this young age is praiseworthy.

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