Asoomii Jay

Asoomii Jay


Asoomii Jay, née Assma Galuta, is a Canadian born international modest model & public figure, known for her humanitarian work & social experiments to raise awareness about social injustices close to her heart, such as Islamophobia & the middle east crisis.

She began combating her experience of Islamophobia by promoting modest fashion to empower the Muslim youth. After witnessing the Libyan war in 2014 while visiting relatives, she decided to use her existing social media presence and began actively seeking a change through social experiments, alongside Time Vision Productions, to promote the concept of peace & coexistence.


She has traveled the globe to speak about the importance of humanitarian aid, has been interviewed by international media outlets, and was nominated for the most influential Muslim Youth of 2016 by Human Relief Mission of the prestigious King’s College in London, for not only inspiring the youth to get involved as active global citizens (which resulted in recreations of her projects in over 30 countries worldwide), but also for supporting and promoting the concept of modesty through her love of fashion & modelling.


She has been featured in KROWD magazine (Canada), Elle UK magazine (modelling for Amirab), as well as appearing in world famous photographer Richard Tardiff’s “La Chasse-Gardée du Marais” photography book which is found in Ottawa’s historic locations. As well, she modeled for a few well established boutiques across North America & UK. ​


She has studied Psychology & Religion in Carleton University, with a focus on abnormal psychology, criminal behavior, child development, and the 3 Abrahemic Faiths. As well, she has studied Islamic Studies from Preston College (UAE) with a focus on Sharia Law and Life of Muhammad (PBUH). ​


Professionally, she is a marketing specialist for international corporations, using her marketing automation expertise to plan, create and launch global marketing campaigns.