Who We Are

Global Peace Summit is a forum that addresses crucial issues in the international community and reach their practical solutions through multilateral dialogue in the parliamentary format. It enables the representation of select nations, wherein they have the opportunity to engage in productive correspondence on various multifaceted issues standing in the way of global peace.

The mission of the Global Peace Summit is to act as a non-partisan human rights instrument and unite the common masses of the world, enlightening them through mediums of mass communication.

With the support of government officials, international influencers, activists, and independent journalists, the Global Peace Summit also serves as a think-tank covering a variety of issues across several areas of conflict, which are imperative to ensure sustainable peace in the region. 

We believe all men can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Global Peace Summit is a call to join hands together to establish peace and harmony in the world by combatting oppression. This forum invites change-makers across the globe to focus on resolving issues such as climate change, food and health crisis, social disparity, unemployment and poverty, illiteracy, illegal occupations, ethnic violence, refugee crisis, racism, and gender equality.

Asoomii Jay
Global Peace Summit

Our Vision

Our vision is to make Global Peace Summit the one forum on Earth that all the world’s nations can genuinely rely upon to discuss common problems and implement shared solutions that benefit all of humanity.

Be Yourself. Be the Revolution.